About Us

CHAMPION DADS is a website founded for modern fathers who enjoy fashion, news and fiery debate.

There is a lot of information for dads out there.

Our job is to curate that information in a way that celebrates the best things about fatherhood while also being entertaining and masculine.

Modern dads want to be individuals with style, they don’t like the “Mr Mom” image and nor should they. CHAMPION DADS is about promoting a strong image of the best of manly parenthood.

We feel this is the only online magazine of its type.

That’s because we want the site to be fun, celebrate celebrity dads, offer the latest parenting information with an informal magazine style.

And we’d very much like to hear what you want. If you have anything at all to tell us just send an email to championdads@gmail.com.

The account is checked every day and we’ll respond ASAP.

CHAMPION DADS is a work in progress, we hope you’ll stick with us on our journey.