Best Daddy Blogs and Fatherhood Websites : A great list of Australian Dad bloggers – hey daddybloggers – when are you going to feature Champion Dads?

DesignerDaddy: Two daddies for the price of one. And the first one was free.

Out With The Kids: Cuteness overload.

Kidzcationz: A great travel website for kids with special needs.

Mr Dad : Need Dad advice? Ask Mr Dad. A very cool website.

Kidspot: Okay, it’s a mum website. But good for Champion Dads too.

Hossman Chronicles: Don’t hassle the Hoss.

AtHomeDad : A network for dads at home. It’s a tough gig. Champions all of them.

The Daddy’s Life: Interesting site, could debate some of the advice. Opinionated. Definitely worth a read.

The Full Routley: A full-time caregiver dad. A Champion in our book.

Going Dad: Stay healthy while doing your dadding. We approve.

The Brown Gothamite: The Brown Gothamite has a lovely design. Groovy site.

Big Cheese Dad: Big Cheese Dad is a Dad of Six, Champion.

All Pro Dad: Some good stuff here. Didn’t realise there was a pro level.

Fathers Forum: Beards and jumpers. But some other stuff too.

Baby Corner: Some tips for new dads.

Dads Adventure: Has a little section on changing a diaper. Which is what Americans like to call nappies. Sounds more street.

Great Dad: Oddly also has some sex information. We’ll go ahead and assume you already know how that’s done.

Commando Dad: Never go commando, dad.

Dad Blog UK: Dad Blog UK, does what is says on the tin. And, erm, the URL.

BumpToBeyond: BumpToBeyond. And Infinity. Or something.


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