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HE'S the most powerful man on Planet Earth and arguably the coolest leader on the global stage. Barack Obama is also a cool dad to Malia and Natasha. Not...

Troubled Grandson Gets Tattoos of Champion Dad And Champion Grandad

THIS is Cameron Douglas and nobody on Earth knows more about Champion Dads. Michael Douglas is his father and Kirk Douglas is his grandfather. And he's unlikely to forget...
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Do Stressed Fathers Create Badly Behaved Kids?

A NEW study claims your stress can impact your child. The research claims having a stressed father increases the likelihood that a child will develop behaviour problems. These pearls...
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DAD HATS: This fashion will make you sick to your stomach

It's the latest fashion, it looks great and you're going to hate it. It's called "Dad Hats" and it's sickeningly easy to understand. It turns out that NY baseball...

DAD SAVES: Inspiring Moments Dads Saved The Day

CHAMPION dads they're worth celebrating. We call it Dadspo, others simply call out "nicely played, sir". For your viewing pleasure here are a selection of great dad saves. Of course,...

Baby clothing plea from hilariously desperate dad

Velcro. It's so very simple. All hail this Champion Dad.

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