THIS is Cameron Douglas and nobody on Earth knows more about Champion Dads.

Michael Douglas is his father and Kirk Douglas is his grandfather.

And he’s unlikely to forget – he’s had their heads tattooed on his torso.

“God bless them both” Cameron Douglas

This picture was revealed on his instagram account after being released from jail after nearly seven years behind bars.

He was given a five-year stint inside for possession of heroin and selling methamphetamine in 2010, but had his term extended after admitting to smuggling drugs into prison.

And it has to be said – he’s the spitting image of his celebrity dad and grandfather.

He’s hoping to repair his relationship with his 99-year-old grandfather and wrote:

“This man inspired me through my entire bit… At least twice a month I would receive a beautiful note from him and his beautiful wife my Grandmother Anne.

“God Bless them both and Here is to the powers that be, may they let me back out west sooner than later to spend some time with them.”

cameron douglas and michael douglas picture
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