MEN are somewhat limited when it comes to what they can legitimately hang from their person.

A backpack is fine, preferably in camouflage or black.

But anything slung over the shoulder that is smaller than a duffle can easily be labelled a handbag. Champion Dads do not carry handbags.

Which is why pouches and chest mounted slings are fraught with possible danger. Or are they?

” But anything slung over the shoulder that is smaller than a duffle can easily be labelled a handbag and this is something THAT for most of us, simply will not do.”

John is a mechanic and he swears he will never wear one.

He says: “I don’t mind the stroller”.

“In fact I see it as the bloke’s responsibility to drive that at least half of the time. But those slings – no, not for me.”

Tattoo Dad
Daddy fell asleep in the comics.

But there are excellent reasons to give it a crack.

Studies have shown that the more babies are held, the less they cry and scream.

In tribal settings where baby-wearing is the norm, babies often cry for only a few minutes a day. This is in stark contrast to Western babies, who often cry for hours each day.

Crying is bad news. It’s exhausting for both the baby and his parents.

It may also flood baby’s brain with stress hormones.

“Babies who are carried cry only a few minutes a day”

But while many may consider the baby sling a “woman thing”, there is strong evidence it might actually be MORE advantageous for the father to use it.

In the sling, the baby is becoming used to his voice, heartbeat, movements and facial expressions, and the two are forging a strong attachment of their own.

Fathers don’t have the automatic head-start on bonding that mums have. But they can make up for it. This is one simple way.

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