WIPE WARMER: Like wiping yourself with hundred dollar bills.

THERE’S a baby on the way and any Champion Dad knows it’s time to kit up!

But what do you actually need?

Well, there are some necessary nursery and baby items – a quality cot and a pram are first cabs off the rank.

But today we’d like to look at what you definitely won’t need.

There are thousands of items at the baby shop, but some really are unnecessary wastes of money, in our humble opinion

Here are five items to cut from your list right now.


Change table: Not necessary.

Seriously, you won’t need this. Here’s what you do: buy a contoured sponge mat for around 40 dollars and you change baby on the bed, table or on the floor.

Trust us on this, it’s the best way to do it.

Baby will wriggle so much that the change table is a waste of time and money.

There’s also a push to get you to buy drawers that are change-table height. Don’t do this either. We bought one – never used it. Literally, not even once.

Here is a picture of a contoured mat, but a wipe-clean version. Some sell a fluffy cover, but the first time it gets covered in the inside of a nappy you’ll bin it. So all you need is one smooth changing mat.

CHANGE MAT: Buy this, change him anywhere in the house.

Baby Shoes

Mad Kicks: Baby Don’t Need Them

OKAY, at Champion Dads, we like sneakers more than the next guy.

In fact we think these baby Air Jordan Fives are pretty bad ass.

But babies do not require shoes until they are walking proficiently and this occures beyond about 13 months old.

So if baby is still six months away, there is plenty of time to buy your youngster a tiny pair of retro Nike Max 90s.

Wipe Warmer

WIPE WARMER: Like wiping yourself with hundred dollar bills.

Ahhh, yes. The big daddy of absolutely USELESS baby items.

Not only do you have to lay out a decent whack for it, but it needs to be powered all day too.

Totally unnecessary idiotic gadget. Even in Iceland, you won’t need this.


MUMMY’S MUMMY: We don’t advise swaddling, but it’s up to you

DON’T take our word for it – please do your own research – but we can’t see there is any clear scientific reason to swaddle a newborn baby.

From our own experience, you either swaddle far too tight, or too loose and they kick free creating danger from loose swaddling cloth.

Not good.

We reckon sleep bags are the only way to go – and we are not sponsored in anyway.

The Love to Dream brand does them but we imagine there are other good brands too.

They give you piece of mind, you can just zip them up and know they will stay on their back (to mitigate SIDS risk) and won’t come loose.

But as we say, please do your own research. If you find some good reasons to swaddle then let us know.

SLEEP BAG: They look funny, but do the job.


EXPENSIVE BASSINETS: Please don’t waste your money.

We all want what’s best for baby but let me tell you what we did.

We bought two – one the most expensive you can buy for the lounge.

The other to match our bedroom furniture.

Total waste of money. Before you know it, they’re in the cot and these bassinets are in a cupboard. Do not spend time worrying about the look of a bassinet.

Buy one, by all means, but don’t waste cash on it. We’d recommend spending more on the cot that will be used for a LOT longer.


Anything we missed? Let us know below.