hangover anxiety
Hangover Anxiety: How to stop the panic now


Below is the Champion Dads Hangover Anxiety Emergency Kit.

You may not need it today, but store it away.

If you’re suffering the evil drinking regrets now then prop your laptop up on the Doona and read on…

“Fear does not exist in this dojo. karate kid 1984”

LAST night was big. But it didn’t start that way.

Somewhere along the way, your evil inner goblin took over and told you to ignore the curfew and rip through half a dozen beers. And, oh, God, was I buying shots?

If you’re struggling to remember, there’s a good chance you’re suffering from Hangover Anxiety.

Hangxiety, otherwise known as Hangover Panic, Alcohol Regrets, The Fear, The Terrors, Hangover Anxiety or the Hangover Hall of Mirrors.

We like to call it the Mourning After.

It’s brutal.

But with the help of Champion Dads, you’re going to get through it. We’re hoping your lady has the children covered, you have enough of a battle on your hands today.

hungover father
TODAY: Will not be good.


You’re not the first and you won’t be the last.
Right now there are tens of thousands of people suffering in a steaming pile of sickness, regret and alcohol fumes.
They’re swearing they’ll never drink again and like you, they are terrified they’ve thrown their life away.
Well, let’s dispel that one right away, chances are EVERYTHING IS FINE.
Trust me on this.
Remember the times you’ve felt this way before? Remember how nothing ever came of it? You will be okay.
A study of 1400 Dutch students aged under 30, published in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism, found eight per cent suffered serious anxiety during their hangovers.
You’re probably replaying last night over and over, your mind hunting for something to fixate on. Well stop that right away!
Our bodies metabolise alcohol into something called acetaldehyde, a chemical that produces nasty symptoms’ such as a fast pulse and anxiety.
So this is a chemical reaction. It’s horrible, but entirely natural.
Okay, so you were probably a bit loose last night but so was everyone else.
And even sober people know and can forgive someone who’s had a few drinkies.
It’s time to get to work this evil hangover, in a little bit…


If you can sleep then go back to bed now. Sleep is your friend and lack sleep is the enemy. If you can nod off, even on the couch then sleep a little longer. If your thumping head and racing heart mean you’re up for the day now, then read on….


Phone someone who was out with you, but try not to sound too paranoid, chances are everything is sweet. Anything else can be dealt with. If you woke up in a bed and not in a hospital or a police holding cell then chances are it’s all blue skies for you, my friend.


There is no science in this, but here are somethings that have worked for those we’ve asked:

Rescue Remedy: Natural drops to calm the nerves.
Chamomile tea: To calm the mind. Make it strong.
Lucozade or Berocca to battle the hangover.
Sex: Makes everything just a little better, doesn’t it?
Hair of the Dog: One to two strong drinks. Experts will tell you this is a slippery slope to alcoholism, so be careful. We say if the hangover anxiety is powerful enough a  strong Bloody Mary might be exactly what you need.
Get out: Face the day. You’ve nothing to be ashamed of. Even if you just hit the supermarket, draw back the curtains and leave that house. Right now.
Be strong: Tell your mind to stop attacking itself. There is no proof you’re in any trouble, until there is, fear be gone!

drunk donkey
LIGHTEN UP: You probably smell marginally better than this guy.


Music calms the savage beast.  Try listening to Bar on A by Greg Holden or Chandelier by Sia. Oddly we find these songs somehow help remind us everyone drinks a little too much sometimes.

Good luck. And please let us know below how you’re doing.