Naming a baby is a big job.

IF you don’t feel the weight of history weighing on your shoulders, then you aren’t approaching it correctly.

That name will outlast your grip on this mortal world.

And most likely, the name you choose will even hold a special place in the heart of your baby’s grandchildren.

So before you name your progeny Stryker or Rebekkah just pause, draw breath and consider what you’re doing.

Celebrities get it wrong all the time.

Beyonce and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy. Not to be outdone U2’s The Edge named his Blue Angel. And Courtney Cox named her’s Coco.

Clearly, we cannot look to the world of entertainment for inspiration.

Instead, let us cast our sights Down Under to on one of the world’s most down-to-Earth countries, Australia.

Their most popular names for 2016 have just been released and there are some great ones… and some reasons to worry about the next generation of Australians.

“In 1950, 95 per cent of babies were given one of the top 1000 baby names. BUT IN 2012 only 73 per cent had one of the top 1000 names.”

Even the approach to naming is changing.

In 1950, 95 per cent of babies were given one of the top 1000 baby names. In 2012 only 73 per cent had one of the top 1000 names.

Notorious Highwayman Ned Kelly terrorised carriages throughout the colonies.
Notorious Australian Highwayman Ned Kelly

Chivalry dictates we allow the ladies to go first…


1 Charlotte

2 Olivia

3 Amelia

4 Ava

5 Mia

6 Sophia

7 Chloe

8 Emily

9 Sophie

10 Grace

At Champion Dads, we reckon Grace, Chloe and Charlotte are the pick of the bunch, but most would agree it’s altogether a pretty good list. A world filled with Aussie Amelias and Sophias sounds a reason to be hopeful for the future.

Now for the boys….


1 Oliver

2 William

3 Jack

4 Noah

5 Thomas

6 James

7 Jackson / Jaxon

8 Ethan

9 Lucas

10 Lachlan

Now here at Champion Dads, we are committed to being positive and supportive of our fellow fathers.

But come on chaps, some of these names really lack the masculinity to which Champion Dads strives.

Surely we can all agree than the world doesn’t need to be inundated with Aussie blokes called “Jaxon”.

But who knows, perhaps Jaxon is just a common name that’s yet to catch on.

While researching baby name data, we came across this graph. It shows how name fads work, in this case for the name Emma.

name graph, pink graph, cool graph
Name fad

Tell us your thoughts on the minefield that is baby names, please leave us a comment below.