THOSE Australian summers of our youth, no air-conditioning, cricket and a bottle of Leeds lemonade.

Well, Leeds has joined Toobs, Tab Cola, green frogs, Agro ice cream, RockNRolls and Bush Biscuits in the Australian snackfood graveyard.

Extinct, discontinues, defunct – gone but not forgotten.

These foods were such a part of our childhood, it’s hard to believe there are few photos left of some of these iconic foods. Try finding a picture of the old Dixie Drumstix or the old packets of Magic Gum.

Sunny Boys and Snips, a big part of our summer tradition are long gone too.

Then there are the White Knights, Red Skins and Wine Gums, that have been so changed over the years that they scarcely taste the same.

And while we’re on that topic, does anyone else remember KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken as it was called then, tasting completely different?

Oh well, some of these things are relegated to the past.

But here in our video are the confectioneries, chips and ice creams that Australian kids of the 80s and 70s knew well, but that our kids will never see.

Relax and take a trip down memory lane – and please let us know if we’ve missed any – we might do an update in time for Australia Day.

At least we still have Milo, meat pies and Chiko Rolls.