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SCANDINAVIAN: Their fathers grew up in a world of untreated pine. Beastly.

LET’S be honest, most of us grew up burning our arses on a stainless steel slippery dip.

Or even worse, brutally dropping each other off wooden-plank see-saws.

Welcome to a place that would have been totally unfamiliar to most Champion Dads in their own youth.

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IN VOGUE: Mad Magazine is not on the reading list.
It’s called Nubo,which means cloud, apparently. And it’s in Alexandria in Sydney.
Nubo has chosen a “neutral colour palette” with natural Sandanavian woods and uncomplicated lines for a peaceful stylish feel.
Yikes. Many playgrounds their fathers knew were painted in the colour palettes of the local graffiti vandal. But this is the playground of the future…
“Celebrating the innocence of childhood, Nubo brings play back to its essence, combining beautiful, uncomplicated spaces and bespoke educative playing tools”
It has something called LEGO Wedo 2.0, Magformers and kaleido gears.
And the roomy 760 sq metre space boasts a library with private pods and a ‘giant air balloon’ for children to read quietly and alone. (NB: It has been reported that children who will do this actually exist, although Champion Dads has never come across one).
Nubo will boast a variety of “pure play” spaces where families can draw pure enjoyment connecting with each other.
Oh and Nubo Sydney also has a blue room full of enormous blocks and weird pipe contraptions…
Nobu, cluod, blue room
BLUE: You’ll need to like Blue.
There are art classes. There are cooking classes. Or if that doesn’t take your fancy, how about a robotics seminar.
Nubo is recommended for children up to 12 years of age but all are welcome.
And it’s open seven days a week 9am until 5pm but it isn’t cheap.
It’s $38.50 per child and has a booking hotline.
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TOILETTE: No tin urinals here.
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